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bignickb 23-03-2013 22:50

Oakwood Mill Return 0313 Millbrook Manchester
I was last here a year ago and have returned on another cold day to find access to the main building! It was sealed last year!
Built in 1851 as a cotton mill but has had many other tenants since the loom boom died down; It has held prisoners of war, precise engineering and bleaching - until 1961! Since then it has been left due to a Grade 2 listing.
A bit dodgy in places to say the least!


It eats chavs!


Engine room extension. Added to the main building in 1908.

Upper floor.

Twin entrances to a shaft.

Missing top floor and clock tower.

Long shot

Gibbo 28-03-2013 16:34

Nice one, not been there.

Inky 09-04-2013 17:36

Just stumbled on this place on the way to the power station heres a couple of pics.

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