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Ojay 15-07-2012 23:21

Rhodia Chemicals, Leeds - 2011.

Rhodia Chemicals

This place produces chemicals that go into oil, paint and cleaning agents, not a lot of info on the place really

The secca was doing has rounds as we approached and promptly spotted us so we had to sit it out a good while before we went in

Described by a few as a mini Hickson & Welch with the lights on, we had to creep about evading cctv, pir's and the keen secca on site made it all the more fun

Although power remains on in a few of the buildings, including labs and machinery the place is slowly being stripped as it's no longer in use

On the way out we ended up in a building which hadn't been looked in before, we had a choice of 2 doors

The one we chose took us straight into the security office with a couple of TFT's and a lovely view of all the on-site cctv :eek:

..Time to GTFO!

Main production building

Presumably where the gaffer sits watching the machinery..

..Like fuck! LOL, the desk and drawers are full of some top shelf favourites :D

Really he should be watching these

Lovin' these old H&S posters

Lower level

Some Lab action

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