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JAY 02-02-2012 14:05

Odeon Chester Feb 2012 (Pic Heavy)
Visited with Blobber, Suboffender, Vicki, Amyrummi and Phil

Opened on 3/10/1936 Odeon was the second "super-cinema" of Chester.
In 1976 It was converted to a 3 screen from one single projection room , then again in 1991 2 more screens added, where the original upper projection-room was re-used.
It had one final facelift in 2002 where the colours where changed from red to blue!

Sadly in 2007 it closed its doors now under ownership of chester council, their plans are to turn it into a theatre.

More images from sub offender will follow!

suboffender 02-02-2012 14:30

Banging, will get my pics up later.

the kwan 02-02-2012 15:40

Fantastic stuff!

georgie 02-02-2012 15:54

Good stuff wouldnt mind a look at this

Snake Oil 02-02-2012 18:52

great to see its still in good nick too :)

suboffender 02-02-2012 19:02

A few of mine:

kevsy21 02-02-2012 20:00

Nice work!! Looks good.

pacef8 02-02-2012 20:23

NO WAY.... I cannt believe it has taken so long to finally get in and see the place.

nice one

Can you now do the bunker over the road !

Gone 02-02-2012 21:45

Fantastic work, I remember trying to get inside about two years ago.

Jim Gillette 03-02-2012 09:26


Originally Posted by Gone (Post 145582)
Fantastic work, I remember trying to get inside about two years ago.

Yeah, this has always seemed tighter than the proverbial nun's.

Top work cracking it.

NorthMancBeds 03-02-2012 21:26

top shizzle

Wildswimmer Pete 03-02-2012 22:03

I worked in King's Street in 1971, just around the corner. I remember there was a place who fixed razors and stuff right next to the cinema. Can't remember the proprietor's name but I knew the shop as Horswills'.


sallybear 04-02-2012 06:57

Nice one!! This place has been untouchable for a long time, well done for finally cracking it!!

Fluxxyyy 04-02-2012 22:28

This is sick, great stuff guys.

Creep 07-02-2012 11:09

*flails* I work in that Ladbrokes! >D

Wouldn't mind a wiggle in here, been trying to suss access every time I walk back to the car. Siiiiigh.

JAY 07-02-2012 14:09

Cheers guys!

Creep 07-02-2012 23:56

Did you try any of the pick'n'mix sweets? ;P

JAY 08-02-2012 00:07

Yeah one of is did. 5year old stale sweets YUMMY!

John09 22-02-2012 14:23

Nice work, Been waiting for someone on here to finally get in for ages.

_Ste_ 25-02-2012 15:15

Excellent work.

scrappy 07-03-2012 11:55

well done, ive always wondered what it was like inside! thanks for shareing! :)

CanOfTheAbyss 15-04-2014 20:04

How'd you get in?

Snake Oil 16-04-2014 18:49


Originally Posted by CanOfTheAbyss (Post 150569)
How'd you get in?

Access to places is through a weakness in any security measures (if theres any) put in place by the buildings owners. Unfortunately access to specific locations isn't discussed on open and public forums as anybody could be reading (owners/security/vandals/thieves/arsonists etc etc).

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