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Blino 10-07-2010 12:25

ROF Near Bolton - July 10
Visited with Buddah and a friend.

We set out with two explores in mind, an ROC post and the ROF shown here. After a fail at the ROC we moved on.

The site here was built as a storage facility for the near by ammunitions factory in Chorley. The site remains in use by BAE Systems.

Theres numerous derelict buildings dotted around, including an old farm house and barns, pillboxes, what seems to be a train work shop, parts of the old train line and some buildings which are still in use as offices and a canteen. The 3 large steel doors the provide entrances to the underground bunkers which seem to go back into the hills.
The site is littered with CCTV, whilst some area seem like a complete ghost town, others seem very occupied.

Theres a lot of speculation about what goes on in the bunkers and quite a bit of rumour online. There are supposedly reports of military police moving people on from the area and rumours of there being trains stored in the bunkers for the 'strategic reserve'. Other reports go on to say that the steel doors are actually entrances to tunnels which run from this site to the ROF in Leyland and they were used to transport munitions from factory to store. How much of these are true, I dont know.

Im still learning with the new camera, so bear with me! Buddah's got some more pics which Im sure hell add later..

The basement of the farm house.

Animal skulls positioned around the basement. The floor was also littered with animal bones.

buddah 10-07-2010 13:49

Just to add a few of mine, the first time we visited this site was about 6 or 7 years ago, but alot has changed since then the train house inspection pit has been filled in, there has been alot of tree clearing around the site, lots of new fencing.
This is one of the newest buildings on the site, there are four small newer buildings next to the main gate. when i had a look through the window on the first visit it looked like an office with papers and documents all over the place and a couple of computers. But when i had a look this time it had been changed into what looked like a canteen with four sets of tables and chairs in the main room a kitchen in one of the back rooms and a small bedroom in another. There is also alot of new small cameras all around theses buildings which i found out to late as i stuck my face right up to one wondering at first what it was .
on the first visit i went up to one of these doors and there was a small gap at the bottom were you could look under, all i could see though was a tunnel with red lights on the walls.

tarboat 10-07-2010 21:40

Ah yes, but did you find the SSR? ;-)

andym 10-07-2010 22:32

Cool, this is the first report I've see from inside the fence of this place. I do know that the site is still monitored from Chorley but is currently disused.

I never used to believe the rumours of a tunnel to the main site, but I was speaking to a guy at work who used to work there and asked him if he knew anything. He said that he'd asked the guys who worked in the magazines (munition storage areas) and they said there was a tunnel built during the war, but it was filled in when the M61 was built in the 60's. Not exactly conclusive evidence but I've heard that many rumours about it, that I'm beginning to think that there must be some truth in them now.

nickweb 10-07-2010 23:13

Great pics, nicely shot, but you really gotta resize them

buddah 10-07-2010 23:59


Originally Posted by nickweb (Post 124283)
Great pics, nicely shot, but you really gotta resize them

How do you do this? Im not into the photography side of it im just more for the explore shoot what I see type of thing. im a novice with cameras and editing.

buddah 11-07-2010 00:48


Originally Posted by tarboat (Post 124276)
Ah yes, but did you find the SSR? ;-)

hmm no not quite sure what that is though?

the copy cat 11-07-2010 00:51

well played, theres a guide on here for how to resize, i do it on its easy.

looks a good mooch much better than the roc post,nice report

buddah 11-07-2010 01:19

cheers copy cat yeah it was just the roc post is only a couple of minutes away from home thats why we thought we would hit it.

Yeah we've bin up here loads its this that got us into urbexin years ago but never thought to take pics of the place only on our mobiles.
And as for security we've never encountered any we've bin up to the doors and had a good look under them, up to the new buildings, we must have been spotted on them cameras loads of times but we never got a response.:bust

the copy cat 11-07-2010 01:23

ah i see so the roc post you couldnt open was in chorley? if thats right i have not been in.

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