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Lostock Power Station, Northwich - July 2011
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Default Lostock Power Station, Northwich - July 2011 - 18-08-2011, 18:12

Explored with NickUK and Sho.

Lostock Power Station is a decommissioned Coal fired power station built in the early 1950′s. It was decommissioned in 2000 due to the opening of e.on’s Combined Heat & Power station in nearby Winnington. The derelict station lies fenced off on the site of the Brunner Mond Soda Ash works, which is still a live site.

We jumped the fence into the live soda ash works, and without hesitation darted into cover and made our way towards the looming power station. We got as close as we could before we had to make a dash across no man’s land and jump the fence into the grounds of the station. Quickly making our way in to avoid being clocked, we found ourselves stood in a massive room surrounded by pipes and machinery, with the smell of abandonment, and clouds of vapour emerging from holes in the floor.

The place is in reasonable condition, and makes for a good explore, despite it being relatively small. The main hall still has a turbine sat in place, and various bits of machinery and control panels and valves can be seen pretty much everywhere you look.

Water vapour?

Pure industrial goodness. Thanks for looking
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Default 18-08-2011, 20:06

Nice man

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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Default 18-08-2011, 22:40

Very nice indeed.
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Default 19-08-2011, 10:05

Nicely done!

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Default 19-08-2011, 21:37

word to the wise. watch for PIRs + the babylon. search under section 44 = no fun (from experience). good work.

photos here too
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Default 16-09-2011, 20:39

Top shots, shame our visit was cut short!
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Default 18-04-2012, 16:03

Originally Posted by NorthMancBeds View Post
word to the wise. watch for PIRs + the babylon. search under section 44 = no fun (from experience). good work.
whats this?

nice shots guys! another local (ish) one i might have to do!
Laura x
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Default 19-04-2012, 12:23

Section 44 is where you get stopped and searched under "terrorism" laws. It's frequently mis-used and most officers overstep it's boundries, but probably applicable at a power station, disused or otherwise.

It's not pleasant, but if it does happen, keep calm and be reasnable. If they step way over the line, you can take action later. They do NOT have the right to make you delete any images , that can only be done with a court order.

Have a read through this lot, it should tell you a bit more.

This, is something you should print out and keep in your bag. Most useful for showing an overzealous oficer that he's probably about to make a big mistake if he persists in claiming he can do things he's not allowed to.

My Flickr
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Default 19-04-2012, 13:41

wow good info im going to have a good read on that! thankyou ! x
Laura x
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