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Reload this Page ARCHIVE: Croft RAF base, Warrington - August 08
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ARCHIVE: Croft RAF base, Warrington - August 08
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Arrow ARCHIVE: Croft RAF base, Warrington - August 08 - 30-08-2008, 22:49

Hello everyone, first thread here so quite nervous *it's bound to be crappy *. Credit for 'finding' this place goes to Fluxxyyy and Nexus really who first took me there *although it was Mendoza who first let us all know about it i believe - he's took some awesome photos which i would like to put up with his permission*.

This was my first 'official' explore really and i've been 3 times now, the site is pretty good for begginers although security issues have arisen each time i have been *farmers are always watching us and Fluxxyyy reckons he saw someone in a white rain coat watching us from the bushes - flashers are getting desperate these days it seems *.

Anyway enough of the rambling, the site is only accessible as far as we know through a clearing in the forest next to the main gate which warns that the place may be dangerous *no shit *, it pleases my boss Indie as the entrance is right next to a mansion in which the owners are ALWAYS awake even at 1am and have the TV on and a flood light which comes on as you have to run past - so you feel well hard getting in and you make the girls swoon with your dare-devil efforts , but if you're brave enough the rewards are there; a flooded cellar, old abandoned theater, war time graffitti, abandoned vintage car and last but not a kitchen - not a morgue on of Fluxxyyy's pranks that didn't scare anyone

Watch out for bats if you hate them - because there's plenty in there !

Just wondering what your thoughts were on this, i reckon it's a pretty explored site tbh, if anyone wants to tell us about their visits or what they know about it we would much appreciate it it's my favourite site to visit so far!

Thanks everyone!

ps - i'll try and upload some pictures that Fluxxyyy took, hope he won't mind

- Hallway

- 'The Gauntlet'

- Stairs

- kitchens

Audaces fortuna iuvat

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Default 30-08-2008, 23:50

Hi. Just so that people know, I took Epic and Dark Nexus to this site recently. I would have preferred it Epic however if you did not make a report now as I was planning on making another visit and making a detailed thread. It is a wonderful explore though. The 'Morgue' is not actually that at all, only we said it was to scare a girl with us at the time! I believe it is cantene related (note the serving hatches in the wall). These photographs, or most of them, were shots on my friends camera, hence the poor quality. Croft makes a brilliant explore, there is some fantastic preserved remains inside. Perhaps one of the most impressive is the wartime, anti-Nazi slogan engraved on the building. Has some other impressive features, such as doors, original toilets, coat hangers, etc. I became quite fixated on the history of this place for a while. I have read stories and accounts of those who stayed here. You can find a very impressive site around on the web with lots of pictures from the 1950's, always good to make a comparison.

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Default 31-08-2008, 04:56

As RAF sites go though, this is very unexciting (history wise). It was a 'transients' base, or a sorting and entertainments centre for RAF Burtonwood.
You'll be surprised what history you can really dig up on this place if you research it hard enough (not to say you haven't, maybe I'm just easily impressed?). I found this website fascinating, lots of original accounts, names, dates, and plenty of pictures both old and new. For example, there are various accounts talking of everyday activities on the site which evidence of still remains today. Lots of features at Croft are mentioned in the original entries of those stationed there. If you haven't seen this, it is worth a look, especially if you have been to the site before, read it! This place really has some brilliant history to it. Enjoy.

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Default 13-10-2008, 00:13

RAF Croft was a transit camp used mainly by service families returning from overseas until they could be found more permanent accommodation.
My father was in the RAF and when we returned fom overseas we lived there for many months at the end of 1949 and for nearly a year in 1954. The perimeter road is quite narrow and I remember it making a great cycle track.
The buildings left standing seem to be all the services. i.e. the cinema, main dining hall,kitchen, boiler rooms etc.
The single storey accommodation (now demolished) was to the north and south of the perimeter track in "H" shaped blocks slightly diagonal to the track.

Look on and search for lady lane, croft, warrington then go north until you come to the camp on the right hand side the Birds's Eye view shows quite well how narrow the perimeter track is and the location of the accommodation blocks.

Here's a pic taken on the central green looking north in 1954. I've blanked out the pics of my sisters coz they'll kill me if they see themselves on here.

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Default 13-10-2008, 20:29

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately no more pictures from Croft that I can lay my hands on. It was a bit like living in a 50's holiday camp. There were usually 4 families per H block. Each had a wing of the H with their own bedrooms and living room, meals were provided in the canteen.Three meals a day and before bed there was cocoa and weetabix spread with butter. The rooms were very well heated, but the toilets and washing facilities were communal and in the centre of the H and exceptionally cold and badly lit. I was only 16 at the time, so still at school, there wasn't much to do in Croft except go to the cinema when there was a new film then pester the kitchen staff for some food afterwards. I imagine the airmen cooks were quiet young and bored, I remember them hurling eggs at each other for fun. Apart from that we just got up to mischief exploring the place, many of the rooms were empty.

The only other place I can remember in the north west was the USAF base at Burtonwood(mentioned elsewhere on this site). We had a school trip to the USAF children's school on the base while I was at Croft(1954). I was amazed at the size of the place, but what surprised us most as children was that it was like going to another country. Everything was totally american, the way everyone dressed, the food etc. This was before the days of foreign holidays so not many of us had experience of anything outside the UK.

After Croft we stayed for a short while at the smallest military establishment I've ever lived at, it consisted of 4 radio masts, a hut with old radio equipment and two houses, at Canewdon in Essex. I only learned later that this was one of the first World War 2 Radar stations. The houses are still lived in but the masts have gone.

Although I've lived at plenty more RAF establishments between 1945-1958, I can't think of any others that are disused. I was only doing some research on places where I've lived when I found your site, now you've got me hooked on looking out for deserted buildings, particularly the industrial and victorian ones.
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Default 14-10-2008, 01:33

While I'm here, a while back I mentioned a site that had some fantastic shots of this place. After a little look tonight, here they are!
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Default 04-04-2009, 18:03

just thought i would update as was looking at the site for a while ground as have spoken to the lad owner and got the history of the own a ship heres the story as i was told it 2 weeks ago:

The farmer (Mr Hodgkinson from Hodgkinson farm ) bought the land back from the RAF when the site was diss used and going to be abandand and no further ue was requied 1050 s.

he kept the lad and buildlings and used it to story farm animals and things. he died in the eaily 90s and in his will gave his son Mr J Hodgkinson the farm and the ownaship of the land he kept croft and used it the same as his farther but applyed for planning permision and was turned down due to the comunaty refusing it.

then in 2006 he reaplyed for plans again and had to have suvays and substance cheaks but this got refused due to the ground being unsafe ( as it has its own undergraound serwer system which is badly damaged beond repair so it was refused again.

the son after this sold the lad to his rich uncle who i beleave isnt very friendly and dosent want any one on the lad ( but was told he hasnt been there for years and the local farmers are down there regular cutting the trees down for the house fires).

the armed police have been after the land for a few year to train but they cannot get insurance for the place due to the amount of uncovered man holes scattered around and the place is very unsafe allso be warned there is asbestos about.

last i was down there i did find some interesting underground enterances but unsure weather they are air raid shelters as there are a few very large but when i removed the covers they were full to the lid of water ( but allso might be part of the sewer) if you look at the pic you can see how big they are i will allso add a map from google maps were they are incase any one has seen them or fancys a dive lol

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Default 04-04-2009, 22:21

pic of the underground edges:

pic of were the unknown underground things are :

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Default 15-04-2009, 12:10

Hi all, just a little bit more History on this site. RAF Croft was origionally built as a Naval Training Centre called HMS Gosling. Commissioned on the 1st July 1942 they had facilities for the training of Air Fitters, Air Mechanics, Radio Mechanics, and Royal Marine Trainee's. HMS Gosling was a huge training facility with 5 large camps around the Croft site. Camp 1 was situated under the Housing estate in Croft, with the Main Entrance sited opposite Spring Lane. Camp 2 is now under Risley Prison, Camp 3 is the site in this thread, Camp 4 was situated in Lowton, and Camp 5 was situated in Glazebrook. The Glazebrook site has now been totally demolished, but the foundations of buildings still exist, and can be seen quite clearly on Google earth. Also Glazebrook Conservative Club is almost identical to the Thearter Building at Croft, Camp 3.

HMS Aerial was commissioned on 8th October 1942 at Cultcheth as extra housing accomodation for HMS Gosling.

On the 31st March 1947 the sites were paid off, sites 1,2 and 4 were bought by various development companies, site 3 in Croft was taken over by the RAF, and site 5 was left to ruin, before being pulled down last year.

"Try again.......Fail again.......Fail Better!".............Samual Beckett.....
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