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SoLo1 28-06-2011 15:26


Originally Posted by ojay (Post 141401)

As I approached the final overhang (around 80M)
my gear got caught around the fixings
I couldn't pull myself over or even move back down
this was some scary shit, but I had no choice but to man-up and persevere

Ojay 28-06-2011 16:18

I needed to change my undies :D

tarboat 28-06-2011 16:35

Truly awesome. Much respect! :thumbs

the copy cat 28-06-2011 17:37

well played quality.

The-Village-Idiot 28-06-2011 17:48

Epic climb, nuff said :thumbs

Kenni 28-06-2011 17:57

A nice in use pic here

urban 28-06-2011 18:40

Top draw this, often wondered what it was like at the top of here since seeing fred soloing it, there's no way you'd get me past that overhang safety or not!!

Nice one.

darwen dave 28-06-2011 19:31

Fantastic stuff guys. You wouldn't get me up there but I'm glad someone took the rare opportunity to do it.

PS. I can see my house from up there :D:D

Snake Oil 28-06-2011 21:53


Fantastic photos too :thumbs

keeweeman 29-06-2011 11:18

Balls of steel needed on this one, epic stuff dudes

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