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darwen dave 29-06-2011 19:12

Got home today (wednesday) and the ladder has gone.

Looks like you hit it at the right time guys.

tristanjay 30-06-2011 22:26

Top stuff chaps :thumbs

Userscott 01-07-2011 01:05

I'm lucky to get a few hours a week spare these days and well.. I stood in Darwen not too long back devastated that I wouldn't be able to pull it off in time before the arranged date for the ladders coming down... and I decided that "next time"... 10, 15 years time when she's reladdered again that will be my chance.

The notion of standing on that ledge, the ledge where that flag was flown and Dibnah gave himself a good beating to fend of the cold, well.. I think that would be a life changer.

I'll close out on this, well done Ojay, SL and whoever else. Shouts to both BASE jumpers who attempted it on the night and.. remember that few men have stood up there.

Every last one was a blessed man, though.

SoLo1 01-07-2011 07:25

Ironic , Iconic , we desire nothing so much as what we ought not to have...

Luggy 01-07-2011 18:32

That overhang is the stuff of nightmares. :eek:

Manx Centor 07-07-2011 11:11

Hey Ojay - nice comments in the LET :).

martymarty 07-07-2011 12:37

That's an awful over hang I really would have shit myself there im soo not good with heights ..well done and big balls. :thumbs

buddah 07-07-2011 15:15

Your famous!

Did the police actually come for you then?

"Police gave chase as the last man climbed down, but were not able to catch him or the others."

"Town mayor councillor Paul Browne said: “They are not welcome in this town.

"If it were up to me, they’d get a hell of a long jail sentence.”"

So there!:D

I tell you what that reporter is pretty tasty , i would of asked to meet her in person n maybe shown her my chimney i could even make smoke come out the top :wub

Ojay 07-07-2011 15:49

Load of bollox, their ace journalism has backfired

wadey 07-07-2011 20:39

THREE men put their lives at risk by scaling a 279ft chimney for kicks in the dead of night.

Their ascent of Darwen’s India Mill was carried out with few safety precautions.

They weren’t wearing helmets, were only roped together on the ladders fixed to the side of the mill and part of their stunt involved ‘free climbing’.

Last night the group was condemned as reckless with one councillor saying they should be facing a jail sentence.

But the men insisted they were not ‘teenage, drunken vandals’, and said they carried out detailed preparations.

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