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suboffender 01-09-2012 06:49

HMS Plymouth, interior pictures - September 2012
Visted with Shiv, the flu, vicki and leaf1471

I first visited the ship in January of this year to find it locked up tight. After hearing that it was open, i had been meaning to get back on board to photograph the inside, but other things in Liverpool became a distraction. I was glad to get on board the ship before she was scrapped, as she holds some fond memories for me. I first visited her when she was a museum at the age of 8. We spent 3 hours on the ship after taking ages to figure out how to actually get on the deck, but i wasn't to be beaten, as a return visit isn't really on the cards! There is so much to photograph on board and i really wish that i had taken more pictures.


HMS Plymouth is a Rothesay class frigate, which served in the United Kingdom Royal Navy from 1959 to 1988. She was named after the English city of Plymouth. Since decommissioning as a warship, HMS Plymouth has been preserved, and opened to the public at various United Kingdom ports. HMS Plymouth was decommissioned on the 28th April 1988, and was the last Type 12 in service. After decommissioning, the Warship Preservation Trust acquired the ship for preservation. On 6 February 2006, the Warship Preservation Trust closed, citing financial difficulties and, by default, is currently owned by the Mersey Docks and Harbor Company (MDHC) following the demise of the Trust. The ship has been sold in the last few weeks and is awaiting dismantling.

the kwan 01-09-2012 09:22

Nice pictures, she is quite something...hope she gets saves...good work!

Gibbo 02-09-2012 22:23

Epic stuff!

Reddood 02-09-2012 22:56

You made it on then, awesome stuff.

Edus1 04-09-2012 14:16

Cracking stuff :)

peanuts 04-09-2012 22:15

wtf is bagpuss all about ?

Jim Gillette 07-09-2012 16:24

That's wicked.

suboffender 12-09-2012 19:22


Originally Posted by peanuts (Post 148797)
wtf is bagpuss all about ?

Imagine how I feel!

I've even tried to flush it down the toilet!

sallybear 19-09-2012 19:21

Great report, fantastic pics looks amazing.

suboffender 19-09-2012 22:01

Can't add these to the first post as there are too many pictures.

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