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Shatters 12-04-2009 03:04

The pillbox thread
Sick of waiting for n10694 to start this, so I thought I might

Barrow-in-Furness Docks to get you started

Hope you enjoyed and apologies if you've seen them before on DerP


Shatters 16-04-2009 12:43

Lowsy point Barrow-in Furness Jan 09
All F/W24 Type pillboxes nothing inside of note so external pics only

Pictured from North to South
Never seen a pillbox from this angle before !!


pacef8 06-05-2009 21:46

posted before but next to the ship canal hooton.

4737carlin 06-05-2009 22:57

Garston docks, Type 24 covering the river

Lydiate pillbox, 100yds from Billy's Bridge on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal

One of 3 Anti-tank cylinders next to Billy's Bridge on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal

Pillbox type FW3/24, recently uncovered when the new junction was built, Next to the A550 in Hawarden North Wales, Near RAF Sealand.

This is a big one, Type 28A anti-tank gun emplacement. During WW2 this was part of the Western Command Stop Line No 10 - Warrington to Formby via St. Helens.

Bromborough southern Pillbox, covering southern access to the A41, there are 3 here

Brimstage pillbox, Further to the west on the A5137 between Junct 4 of the M53 and Brimstage

Allerton pillbox Liverpool, I think this is an example of a Lozenge Pillbox

This type 22 is on the embankment next to Leasowe golf course on the Wirral

4737carlin 06-05-2009 23:13

Another one near Stockport, i forgot the location on it thou

Shatters 06-05-2009 23:17

This ones on Walney


Kitty 07-05-2009 20:34

Please be aware these are all taken with my old point and click camera, so the quality is downright terrible. Will get out when I can to redo them all soon, and photo others we've found.

3 from RAF Cranage (spot the pillbox ;))

Protecting the bridge crossing by North Road locks just outside of Congleton.

The next in line from this is the box overlooking Bosley Reservoir to protect from seaplane landings

And my favourite which is Hug Bridge Farm, looking down at the River Dane crossing on the Macclesfield to Leek road. Its tucked well into the crest of the hill and can only be seen from the road for a few seconds. And yes that is a chain harrow screwed up on its roof. Will post an explore of this box soon now I've located the photos.

There are another 3 I need to photograph in this sequence now I have located them all.

4737carlin 07-05-2009 20:57


Originally Posted by sallybear (Post 63565)
Well it's funny you go past something every day and dont even look properly!!!

yeah i no what you mean, this old advert i must have passed a million times, its just down the road from me, i seen it for the first time a few months back!!

Kitty 08-05-2009 19:52


Originally Posted by n10694 (Post 63656)
I recognise the 4th pic one, often pass it going to buxton.

You take the Dumbers road? Good. Well as you cross the traffic lights, theres a lane on the right? Go along it, you'll come out beside the reservoir and the pillbox is on the left. The Hug Bridge one is on the Leek road. As you pass out of Bosley you come to the crest of a hill and start to drop down to the bridge over the Dane. Look up left and the box is just visible on the hill top. The farmers don't mind if you ask for a look.

The 3 at Rudyard however, are mine to photo.

blitz 16-08-2009 16:40 Beech HIll ROF Wigan

MarkJeno 18-08-2009 18:22

Keeping with the theme; Pics from a pillarbox in Lydiate near bridge no18

4737carlin 18-08-2009 21:41

Mark, did you see the 3 Anti-tank cylinders next to Billy's Bridge on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal, about 100yds away from this pillbox?

blitz 23-08-2009 17:04

Not sure if this counts as a pill box ROF Beech Hill Wigan

juice101 25-08-2009 00:02

In the woods next to Blackpool Zoo

Shatters 30-08-2009 02:47

A few more from South Cumbria


Earth Worm Jim 22-01-2010 21:36

The pillbox thread.
I was thinking about making this into a report but then realised that it would have been a bit naff.
Telacra norcom pillbox. Time is a cruel mistress that's been particularly had on this poor pipe with holes in it.
And another norcon. Better condition but I think it could do with more leg room.
And get another norcon. That's slightly better but still needs some work.
Anti glider steaks. There are quite a lot of these that you have to be careful of when your bombing up and down the beach on a kite buggy.

tristanjay 23-01-2010 15:50

Not sure on type of pill box but this is one of 4 that I know of on the estuary between Anglesey and Holyhead.

evil jim 26-01-2010 00:33


Nice nice Jim, ya got there 1st and posted the one on the beech at Talcra. DOH!

tarboat 28-01-2010 17:10

Found a few pillboxes whilst mooching around Redcar this week.
This example at Gare Sands has suffered over the years.
I believe that this is a type FW3/23.
This one is a bit odd. The sea is some way behind the mound at the rear of the pillbox and the firing slits look rather large.
Inside there are some metal hooked brackets. Any idea what these might be for?
View from on the bank behind.
An unusual design with some brick facing.
I am told that the concrete blocks to one side may be for mounting anti-aircraft weapons.

blitz 23-02-2010 21:47

Hope i got it this time. Pillboxes burscough canal.

blitz 23-02-2010 21:54

giv up with this resized bit sry

blitz 23-02-2010 22:00

i dun that and saved them but when i post it comes up like that

Cutaway 09-03-2010 03:34


Originally Posted by 4737carlin (Post 63359)
Garston docks, Type 24 covering the river

I managed to get to the Garston Pillbox, to get to it you have to climb over the fence at the south end of Otterspool Promenade, walk across the rubble (when the tides are out) and to the left it is. This is perfect surviving example with the 1940/41 dated barbed wire fence. I believe the back was bricked up last time i got round it.

4737carlin 09-03-2010 03:44

O i like them ones on the canal.

Catwalk, did you look at that outfall to the left??

blitz 11-03-2010 01:24

if u meen the2nd pick its a sewarage plant at the back of it,burscough canal

blitz 11-03-2010 01:25

sry 2nd ov the 3

Ravendark 12-03-2010 17:06

Inverbervie Beach.

blitz 14-03-2010 13:15

Anti-tank cylinders shevington/wigan.About 10 more in bushes at side of barn Anti-tank block bridge No4 standish lower ground/wigan

blitz 14-03-2010 13:24

What i think is a bus stop pillbox orica shevington/ wigan

blitz 14-03-2010 14:04

Didnt hav time put this one on the other ant-tank block bridge NO4 standish lower ground /wigan [

blitz 01-05-2010 22:54

Pillbox Bradley Hall ROF Standish

Walrus75 05-06-2010 22:37


Originally Posted by Ravendark (Post 112684)
Inverbervie Beach...

Well if we're going that far north...

Here's one on the eastern approaches to Elgin.

The walls are constructed completely of local sandstone which is rather soft and probably wouldn't have stopped a butter knife never mind an 88mm shell from a german panzer :eek:


4737carlin 07-09-2010 23:09

I reckon these are WW2 obsticles but cant say for sure, them triangles are strange

n10694 07-09-2010 23:33

They're anti tank obstacles.

Some near Dinas Dinclle beach used as coastal protection:

And some near Hazel Grove railway bridge:

Hazel grove Railway Bridge

4737carlin 07-09-2010 23:41

Wow that beach set are fantastic, These cylinders are on the A59 in Burscough in 2 different locations

Gone 14-09-2010 01:51

I'm a proper n00b to this thread but I think it's quite interesting, I saw these on the beach in Hartlepool but I don't think they are anything special, Any takers?

n10694 14-09-2010 13:13

Those look like anti-tank / landing craft cubes. I know some people at Formby who have them in their gardens facing on to the beach. Hera are some on the causeway to Holy Island:

Gone 14-09-2010 14:48

Ah no worries then, Cheers dude!

4737carlin 14-09-2010 15:04

cubes are great!

Gibbo 14-09-2010 16:02

Has anyone been to the Woodchurch pillbox? Will save me a trip if you have.

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