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ermi1977 01-03-2009 22:48

ARCHIVE: Anzio Training Camp, nr Leek, Feb 2009
Went up here a week or so ago, just a couple of pics theres a load more on

Stolen from Lennye4evo (cheers for the info on the site.)

"In 1943, a transit camp for USA anti-aircraft units was constructed on the East side of the Buxton Road. In 1945-6 it was taken over by Polish troops from Italy (Probably where the 'Anzio' bit came from). After the war, it became a Polish resettlement camp. Then in 1964, the residents were settled in purpose built accomodation half a mile North from the original site. In 1983, the camp opened as the Anzio site and became a training centre for both the Regular and Territorial Army and even scouts."

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