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Navigator 09-06-2014 20:32

RAF St. Georges, Middleton - V-Bomber crew Accommodation
Comprehensive history of RAF St. Georges is available on Wikipedia, so won't repeat it here. This area of the airfield (now Teeside Airport / Durham Valley) was occupied by a V-bomber dispersement site and housed pre-fab accommodation, briefing rooms and messing facilities for the V-bomber crews and their ground support staff. Because they were made from asbestos, this has meant they have survived to this day and probably for the foreseeable future.

Elevated view of the site

Accommodation block

Mess room

Briefing room chairs

tigger 10-06-2014 19:56

In a way it's good to see that the uni-seco hutting is still there.

Nice plan of Peel's plans for the airport here:

Difficult to imagine it coming off but they have certainly been spending money removing WWII era buildings this year (eg. some of the works services buildings, the hospital site etc).

By the way, it was RAF Middleton St. George not "RAF St Georges"

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