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CHEWY 16-03-2009 03:12

ARCHIVE: Anzio Training Camp, Leek, Staffordshire - March 2009

Went to have a mooch around the Anzio Army Training Camp at Blackshaw Moor, Nr Leek, Staffordshire.

The place was used by the Anti Aircraft Battalion of the US Army.
It was taken over by Polish troops until the end of the 2nd World War.
Polish civilians occupied the camp until 1963.

The Ministry of Defence reclaimed the site in 1980 and built the newer part for use by..

• The British Regular Army
• Territorial Army
• Army Cadet Force
• Scouts.

parts of the older camp can still be seen to the rear.

The camp closed in 2004 due to it being surplus to MOD needs.
it might be turned into a retirement village someday.

Didn't get to see some parts due to the fast fading light :(

The Pics

and finally........... GLITTOOOO

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