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Some of these items from Western Command Stop Line 14 have featured in other posts but as they are a series (and it's quiet in here!) I'm including them anyway.

Anti tank block e08421 (database says two blocks but there is only one plus a single steel rail post at the opposite side of the bridge)

Anti tank blocks e08420

Anti tank blocks e08419 (also post holes not in original entry)

Anti tank blocks e08418 (database entry is wrong - there are 7 blocks and none show any sign of having slipped, also two post holes in the towpath)
The blocks run in a diagonal line down to river level. All are the same design as the others along this stretch of canal and
too overgrown to get decent photos.

Type 22 pillbox e03446

Type 22 pillbox e03445

Type 22 pillbox e04983

Defended building e01265

Defended building e01266

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