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Guzzijimbo - pow camp weston
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Post Guzzijimbo - pow camp weston - 08-06-2010, 14:09


I live in Crewe although up till the mid-70s I lived at the Hough. I have passed the POW camp many time, usually to and from the White Lion at Barthomley. In fact, I was born in Englesea Brook and got moved to the Hough when I was 1 year old.

A couple of weeks ago a very good friend of mine asked me to take a photo of the camp as he heard it was due to be knocked down. I went along last week and met the present resident of Snape Farm. He showed me round and gave me some information about the place. I spent an enjoyable couple of hours taking pictures and looking round.

He also told me that the farmer who used to live there (I assume from your posting this could be your dad) still lives in Weston. My visit has sparked my curiosity about the place and I am attempting to compile more information about the camp.

I hope to be able to meet the gentlemen in Weston and see what he can tell me.

Perhaps you could get in touch with me either through this site or e-mail me at:

Hope to hear from you soon.
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