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Default Rhydymwyn - 02-11-2012, 20:01

This is only a mile or so from me, from what I remember around 1940 - 1942 heavy water research ( atom bomb) went on here. The scientists stayed in local lodgings but complained so a number of art deco odd looking detatched houses with port holes and flat roofs were constructed for them and there families. These houses are still with us and lived in, they are possibly grade 3 listed, the locals refer to them as 'The ICI houses". When the septic's entered the war (yanks) we gave them heavy water research ( they gave us some ships) and the scientist\s were all packed off to Los Alamos.

I was talking to someone about 10 years ago about either Olwyn Goch or Milwr tunnels and they told me the at some point one of them intersects with the Rhydymwyn tunnels. If this is the case they go further into the rock than we are led to believe.

When bomb fills used to get balls'd up and phosgene and other kacky stuff was spilt the duff shells were just burried in the ground. When we had the bad floosd about 11 years ago the site was under 5 feet of water. Portem Down were Kacking it and spent 4 weeks on site doing soil sampling but stated nothing horrible was detected. It's obviously still not right hence full time security, nce new fences and lots of hitech CCTV

Good stuff

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