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Default 21-02-2009, 18:06

Shots turned out really well Lenny!
Not really my kind of place but after an epic kaffufle trying to sort out a trip to Winstanley it was a good plan b nonetheless Here's a few of mine anyways:

There was tonnes left to see here despite its condition which (if like me) you enjoy sifting through old documents and stuff this place is a gold mine. Here's a log book for the assault course.

A couple of the bar. This was the only nice bit about the place really, when I heard there was a bar I thought it'd most likely be a cold generic hovel so it was a nice surprise to come across what felt more like a mountaineer's lodge

What used to be the attic:

Lenny trying to take on the assault course .......he didn't get much further than this

And lastly this weird bath we found which looks like the type you find in care homes for the elderly....couldn't quite figure out how it came into the hands of the military! Lol

There's more on photobucket for any who are interested.
Cheers again for the trip Lenny, will have to meet up for another one soon once your cars fixed!