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Originally Posted by Lennye4evo View Post
Some great pics there melio, ive uploaded mine a bit small but im not doing them again! Wasn't such a bad day considering my car being held together with 2pence pieces! Youre welcome anytime, hopefully next time we wont be restricted by the most unreliable car on earth!
Hahaha cheers hun I've got to say I was supremely impressed with mk2golfkid's mechanical abilities! I think we'd still be stuck somewhere on the road between Anzio and High Peak had it not been for his genius!

Originally Posted by Havoc View Post
The locked buildings even had the keys still in the guardhouse, we just unlocked the doors and walked in lol.

The key to the hospital building should still be above the door frame where we left it
We did find keys scattered all over the place haha unfortunately the site had been done-in to such an extent that every door and window was open. It has been well and truly pikey-fied