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Gun barrels.

The Captain Of Gunhouse seat - directly behind the gun barrels

The Captain Of Turret seat - looking out over the deck with windows on three sides

Shell Magazine.

Shells were raised to the upper deck using the green hoist


Cartridge Magazine.

The engine room. The ship was powered by two steam turbines creating 30,000 shp.

The gearbox on the left, and turbine on the right.
The gearbox uses a double reduction double helical gearing system.

Various other rooms - sick bay, cabins, mortar and Sea Cat stores, boiler rooms…

Sea Cat casings. The missiles were lifted using a crane installed on the ceiling.

Part of the huge boiler room

Beds - walk through the door at the end of the beds and you're in the engine room.

The electricity generation room - there are two of these huge V8 engines installed.

Mortar projectile room inventory.

Thanks for looking!
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