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A brief history of NWEX
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Default A brief history of NWEX - 24-03-2015, 15:04

NWEX was created in August 2008 in the wake of a brief closure of the popular urbexing forum 28 Days Later.

At the time urbexing, and regional urbexing, was extremely popular. Setting up of regional groups had been trialled on the 28DL forum, but weren't successful.

In the light of this, leading Manchester urbexer "UserScott" created a forum called ExploreManchester. That in turn led to the NorthWest Exploration, covering a wider area of Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.

We all knew that urbex had a limited shelf life - too many urbexers, too few sites, increased security as scrap metal prices rose, and the drifting off from members who grew tired of or just grew out of the hobby, not to mention the popularity of Facebook as a medium of showing off photos. Forums and the uploading of images was becoming old hat.

In March 2015 this site was mothballed. Google ads just about keep paying for the webspace and other costs, so the site will remain online as an archive to the past, and a tribute to some fantastic people who made the community a great place to be and worked tirelessly to document our surroundings before they were converted or demolished.

Special link to the brick section: